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A baby shower is typically thrown for a woman who is pregnant with her first child, but some people opt to have one for their subsequent children as well. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to when to have a baby shower, there are a few factors you may want to consider. In this post, we’ll take a look at when is the best time to throw a baby shower and what you can do to make sure it’s a success. This post is part of a series on ‘Preparing for Baby‘.

When is the best time to have a baby shower?

From a sample of 13 parents we asked, they recommended that the best time to have a baby shower is between the 6th and the 8th month of your pregnancy. While this time seems to work most for moms-to-be, the timing may also be influenced by factors including the guests being invited, the weather during the period, and other factors.

There’s no right or wrong answer on the best timing, but it can also depend on your reasons for having one. If you’re not close with your friends or co-workers and don’t want to face them once they find out you’re pregnant, then it may be better to wait until you’ve returned to work before you have a baby shower. You could also opt to wait until you’re further along in your pregnancy, as this is usually when friends may offer to host a shower for you.

But if you want the day off and don’t mind telling people, then having it before you go back to work is perfectly acceptable as well. It’s also not uncommon to have a baby shower before you’re 12 weeks along but know that some of your friends or family may not be able to attend if they are sensitive to certain topics.

You can also choose when to host your baby shower according to what fits best with your schedule. Maybe it’s better for you to plan one after work, which would make it a late afternoon shower. Or, if you want to have one over the weekend you could opt for a Saturday or Sunday baby shower.

If you’re hosting a baby shower, keep in mind that some guests might not be able to come during certain times of the day and may expect an invitation at another time which can be difficult if you’re hosting it on a specific date and time. That’s why we recommend having it at an unusual or off-hour to accommodate guests.

Setting A Date And Time For Your Baby Shower

Picking the perfect date and time will vary depending on your personal preferences, which is why we recommend that you consider your reasoning for hosting one before deciding when to have a baby shower. A few tips on choosing the best time include:

– Having one after work, but before dinner (5 pm to 7 pm) can allow for friends who are unable to make it during lunch or after 5 pm. 

– You may want to hold off until you’ve reached your second trimester. Most women say they feel better at this time and have more energy.

– If a holiday is coming up or another date you’d like to avoid, pick a different day so that everyone can come and enjoy themselves.

– Weekends are usually better for people who work during the week because they may be limited in terms of time off from work.

Don’t forget to consider guests when choosing when to host a baby shower. If you’re inviting people from out of town, you should choose a date when they can make it and maybe even provide an invitation in advance which gives them time to get flights or trains tickets if needed.

– Consider your work schedule and your guests’ schedules before choosing a date. You could opt for a Friday night baby shower, which would allow people to attend after work.

– If you’re scheduled for a C-section and won’t be able to host it or go out afterward, then having it before this date is best.

Choosing A Date That Works For Your Team Or Coworkers

Once you’ve decided when to have a baby shower, the next step is to choose a date that works best for your schedule. You could ask your supervisor or manager if it’s possible to take the day off, but even if you haven’t announced your pregnancy yet there are plenty of other reasons why you may need an afternoon off.

– If you work weekends, this isn’t necessarily the best time to have the baby shower.

– If you work during the week, then having it on a Friday night or Saturday may be difficult for other people if they’re already busy or won’t take off early to start their weekend early. Having it during the week instead will allow them enough time to plan around it.

– Some people might prefer to take the day off, but this isn’t always possible. Avoid setting up the shower on a Monday or Friday because it’s unlikely they’ll be able to come if they’re already busy at work.

– If you’ve got guests who are unable to make it during certain hours, then holding the baby shower at an off-hour will accommodate them. Try to avoid holding it during lunch, which will cut into everyone’s day and won’t give your coworkers enough time to make it for the whole thing.

– If you’re hosting a baby shower at work, try not to have it too early in the morning because people will still be coming from home and going to sleep for work afterward. The same goes for late at night; people will already be tired from work and won’t be able to stay for the entire event.

– If you’re hosting it near lunch or another break time, consider changing your plans because it might shift when they can come.

Best Time Of Week For A Baby Shower

Most baby shower hostesses will be thinking about the best time of day to have a baby shower, but few think about what day of the week is best. While it’s been said that weekends are the most popular for this type of event, there are other factors to consider.

– Most people work during the weekdays and won’t be able to make it after a full day of work. You should consider having your baby shower during a weekday if you want a more relaxed environment and don’t want guests to have to rush off afterward because they’re tired from work.

– If you’ve got guests who need the time for personal reasons, then you should opt for a weekday event so it doesn’t interfere with their schedule.

– Avoid having it during the middle of the week because people will not be able to come if they’re already busy at work or other activities that are scheduled for that time.

– You could have your baby shower on a weekend day, but only have refreshments and cake instead of a full meal so that people don’t have to plan too much around it.

– Try holding it during a weekday, but make sure you schedule an off-hour so that they can get away from work for a few minutes. You could also make it a shorter event or serve something easy on the tummy like some catered finger sandwiches and lemonade instead of a sit-down meal.

– If you work weekends, this isn’t necessarily the best time to have the baby shower. You could also host it during a weekday and serve lunch or dinner instead of having it after work so that people can come and go without too much trouble.

Best Time Of Day For A Baby Shower

The best time for a baby shower is during lunchtime as you can plan around a brunch starting from 11 am to 2 or 3 pm. If you are throwing the baby shower for someone outside of your circle of friends or family, don’t forget to let them know at least 4-6 weeks before so that they have enough time to plan around it.

If you are having a baby shower at your office, the best time to have it is either during lunch or right after work hours so that everyone can participate in the celebration without having to skip out on an important meeting or put in long days at work.

– During lunchtime, people can come and go as they please without too much of a disruption to their job.

– If you are having the baby shower before work hours, make sure that your guests can make it too by serving food they will definitely eat like breakfast items or some fruit.

– Brunch is ideal because people can enjoy hearty foods with eggs and pancakes without feeling too bloated.

– A better time to have a baby shower would be during the weekend so that your guests don’t need to take off from their busy schedules and you can plan around everyone’s availability.

– Try having it between 11 am and 2 pm so that people will still have enough time for lunch after the brunch but won’t need to rush back afterward.