5 Best Wooden Baby Gates 2023

If you were to look up the ‘best wooden baby gates‘ on Google’s search bar, you’ll get results of best baby gates lists in 2023 by reputable sites such as Wirecutter.

While Wooden models can be among the top-rated baby gates, I was a bit disappointed that lists specific to baby gates made entirely from wood materials – soft or hardwood have been excluded from most lists

Most of the top-ranked wooden baby gates lists are general lists of best baby gates brands without recognition of those made entirely of wood. I decided to put together a list of the best wooden baby gates to help parents find what they’re looking for – a durable, sturdy, and safe gate for their little ones that is also eco-friendly and beautiful.

So, why go to the trouble to look for a wooden baby gate?

Wooden gates, especially those made of hardwood, tend to be sturdier and more durable than other materials. They’re also usually wider, which can be important if you have a larger opening that you need to block off. And many people simply prefer the look of wood over plastic or metal.

What is a wooden baby gate?

A wooden baby gate is a sturdy and safe door that attaches to the wall or banister of your home. It can be used to block off stairways, rooms, hallways, and other areas where young children are not allowed.

Where can wooden baby gates be used?

Wooden baby gates can be installed practically anywhere in your house. They are commonly used to block off staircases in homes with small children, but they can also be placed at the top or bottom of basement stairs or in front of a kitchen counter. These gates are especially useful when you need to keep your little one out of certain areas of your home where they might get injured if left unsupervised.

Wooden baby gates can also be used at the top of a staircase to enclose a play area where your children are allowed to play, but not venture down the stairs. This is a great way to create a safe environment for young children that features colorful toys and plenty of open space. Plus, this is an excellent option for keeping your children contained in a limited amount of space.

Wooden baby gates are also very useful if you have small pets that need to be kept out of certain areas of your home. These gates are tall enough to prevent most animals from jumping over them, but they are also easy for adults to step over without much effort. Keep your dog or cat safe from harm by installing a baby gate at the entrance to the kitchen or another room where your pets are not allowed.

What types of wooden baby gates are available?

There are three main types of wooden baby gates available these days: pressure-mounted, hardware-mounted, and stairway banister/wall-mounted. Each type has its pros and cons, so it is important to consider how you want to mount the gate and where you want to place it before making a purchase.

  • Pressure-mounted baby gates: Pressure-mounted baby gates are very easy to install and they allow most adults to step over them with ease. However, these types of wooden baby gates do not offer much in the way of support. Over time, the pressure of your child leaning against the gate may cause it to come loose or fall out of place. If you have a particularly strong or determined child, this type of wooden baby gate may not be ideal for you. Pressure-mounted baby gates are also not ideal for use at the top of staircases. These wooden baby gates do not latch in place and offer no support on the sides, so children can easily push them out of the way and venture downstairs without supervision.
  • Hardware-mounted baby gates: Hardware-mounted baby gates are very secure and they will not fall out of place when your toddler leans against them. However, this type of wooden baby gate is more difficult to install than pressure-mounted wood gates. Plus, hardware-mounted baby gates are usually only suitable for doors or hallways that are at least 30 inches wide.
  • Stairway banister/wall-mounted baby gates: Stairway banister/wall-mounted wooden baby gates are a great option if you want to block off an area that is at least 30 inches wide. These types of baby gates offer the most support because they are mounted directly into the wall or banister on both sides of the opening. Plus, these types of wooden baby gates prevent children from climbing over them or crawling underneath them while they are secured in place.

What should I look for when picking the best wooden baby gate?

There are three things you need to consider before making a purchase: height, width, and durability. Most wooden baby gates only extend upwards of about 29 inches, but there are some options available that extend upwards to 42 inches. If you have an extra-large or unusually tall doorway, make sure you purchase a baby gate that will fit the space properly.

The width of the wooden baby gates ranges from about 11 inches all the way up to 31 inches. When purchasing a wooden baby gate, consider the size of your doorway and make sure the gate is wide enough to cover the opening without leaving any gaps.

Finally, look for a wooden baby gate that is made from sturdy materials and features a strong construction. Wooden baby gates should be able to support up to 150 pounds on top of them without bowing or creaking underneath the weight. Many models feature gate extensions that can be attached to the top in order to ensure proper support and stability.

Our Top Picks for Wood-based Baby Gates:

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Review of the best wooden baby gates in 2022

1. Evenflo Position and Lock Baby Gate

At the top of our 2022 list of best wooden gates is the Evenflo wooden baby gate which is made of warm wood and black mesh accents that fit seamlessly into any house as a decor item giving your home the farmhouse look you’ll like. You can rely on this gate to keep your kids safe from common household dangers. Recommended for families with kids 6 to 24 months old, this position and lock baby gate is made with a sturdy wooden frame plus vinyl-coated mesh. Its durable construction guarantees your kid’s security.

The Position & Lock baby gate is designed to fit openings that measure 26 to 42-inches wide through pressure mounting. It stands 23-inches tall, a height that your kiddo will have a hard time surmounting. We loved the neutral colors and styling that complements a range of home décor. And did we tell you about the marked and notched locking bar that eases installation?

You can get this wooden baby gate from Evenflo for less than $20 on Amazon in colors such as tan, pink, new farmhouse, and blue.

2. Summer Banister and Stair Gate

Our second best wooden baby gate that is perfect for stairs is the Summer Banister Gate which is made out of wood with a honey oak finish for a decorative look. This gate accommodates most single and double banisters and is 33″ tall and can fit openings up 32″ to 48″ wide as it is expandable.

The brand’s banister and stair gate made it to our list as the best wooden stair gates for babies today. We loved the decorative design of this baby gate that features wood with a honey oak finish that helps you child-proof your home in style.

This baby gate has been designed for the top of stairs use without a bar at the bottom for openings that measure 32 to 48-inches wide. With a height of 33-inches, it is ideal for blocking toddlers from falling down the stairs. We also loved that it comes with a banister installation kit that accommodates square banisters up to 3.5-inches wide. The baby gate swings both ways and has a quick-release mechanism.

You can buy this baby gate for stairs on Amazon for under $110. What we noted, however, is that the baby gate does not fit banisters that do not start at the floor or with a railing coming off of it.

Summer Banister and Stair Gate

3. Regalo Easy Fit Wooden Baby Gate

This Regalo wooden baby gate is our third pick in this list of wooden baby gates and it is a great choice for openings between 26 and 42-inches. It features a pressure mounting design that is easy to set up without the need for tools. We loved the adjustability that makes it perfect for the bottom of the stairs, hallways, and doorways. It stands 24-inches tall which makes it hard for your little one to open and leave the restricted area.

The Regalo Wooden Expendable baby gate is made of high-quality wood and offers a sleek, modest, and effective way to keep your kiddo safe. It is also fitted with a safety-lock feature that is not easy for your baby to access as it is for adults. You can get it on Amazon for less than $50.

Regalo Easy Fit Wooden Baby Gate

4. Munchkin Push to Close Hardware Baby Gate

This munchkin wooden baby gate is yet another excellent stylish safety solution for your home. It is made from beautiful light wood, and it adjusts easily to fit different users’ needs. If you have an opening that measures 28 to 46.5-inches wide, this baby gate is a fantastic option. This gate from Munchkin is suitable for children between 6 and 24 months.

The Push to Close wood safety gate is hardware mounted for stability and is fitted with a unique tilting mechanism to help reduce stress on walls. We liked the handy quick-release settings that allow for easy installation and re-installation. To eliminate tripping hazards, the baby gate has no bottom bar and is designed to swing completely open.

Munchkin Push to Close Hardware Baby Gate

5. Toddleroo by North States 103-inch Extra-Wide Swing Baby Gate

This North States wooden gate made it to our list today for being the perfect pick for oversized spaces. It is made to fit openings that are 60 to 103-inch wide and stands 27-inches tall to keep your baby safe and out of danger zones inside the house. If you have kids 6 to 24 months old, this gate will give you peace of mind.

We loved that this baby gate is installed via hardware mounting which makes it more stable. In addition, it has no threshold bar which reduces the risks of tripping and swings both ways for convenience. The safety gate is made of natural wood with a finish that complements any home décor and has a latch system that is easy to operate with one hand.

You can buy it on Amazon at $45.

Toddleroo by North States 103-inch Extra-Wide Swing Baby Gate

Where to buy

Do you live in Australia, Canada, NZ, the UK? You can purchase wooden baby gates from Amazon using the links we provided above. They come in a variety of styles like dark wood and colors that compliment your home décor including white, grey, and more. You can also buy them at other online stores including Walmart, Target, Argos among others.